Friday, July 6, 2012

Pitter, patter rain falls

As dark clouds started gathering on Delhi’s sky today, my heart leaped with joy. After months of blistering heat and some agonizing wait for the monsoon, the rain Gods finally decided to smile on the Capital.
Earlier in the day, AV and I were thinking of how to spend a ‘different’ off day, planning and re-planning where to go (and where to NOT go…which included the oh-so-boring malls!). We finally decided on visiting this particular place in Gurgaon where we have been planning to go for some time now.
After lazing around for the better half of the afternoon, we finally managed to get dressed and were about to step out, when we heard the rain drops hitting the window pane. Even as we looked out, the drizzle turned into a heavy rainfall within minutes and it seemed as if we will have to stall our plans for good.
I was disappointed. Much as I wanted the dreadful temperatures to come down, I hate it when plans get cancelled. Whatever be the reason, no exception!
AV, meanwhile, tried to lift my mood and said that we will leave the house immediately when the rain stops. Which, he said (for the sake of my mood of course), won’t be long. As we were waiting to go out, we could hear children squealing and giggling outside as they played in the rain. It made me think of my childhood when my father would take me, my brother and my cousins to the rooftop to enjoy the rains. I was getting all nostalgic when AV suddenly suggested, why don’t we get drenched in the rain?
For a tad second, I was surprised…the crazy ideas are usually mine. But then, I guess, that’s what rain does to all of us. It makes us all go a bit mad, take us back to our innocent days, help us abandon our reserves.
We hurriedly changed our clothes and rushed to the roof. As we stood under the sky and rains lashed on us, I felt a strange sense of calm, as if the rains washed away all our worries. Literally! As we jumped, ran, danced, walked in the rain, I realized that it was not the ‘therapeutic shopping, or a visit to posh restaurants, swanky malls or multiplexes, but a simple evening out in the rain that made for one of the most fun-filled day off that we had in the recent times!